Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chocolate Cake

Although i enjoyed the cake i also enjoyed the lesson plan behind it. As i listen to each group come up with reason on who gets the cake and how much i was really impressed. There were so many ways that did not even come across my mind. When Dr. Bogad ask the question the first thing that i thought of was the minorities in the class room picks last because in life they are always the one to be last regardless. I just thought that was a huge point (not just becuase i thought of it niether)

CLass Projects

Today in class i loved how we watch each group present their project. I believe that each group had a different style of presenting. That is a better why of learning some students learn better by listening, others learn better by visual and other by interracting. I think that all 3 groups did a excellent job and i could see that each group worked really hard

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Continuation of white privilege

As i sit here and think i always seem to come bck to this subject and yes some may say it is becuase i am a MINORITY and you know what your RIGHT. some may say i am cocky or ignorant for allowing this subject to continue within my mind once the class discussion is over. guess what your RIGHT. you want to know why i say they are right is because THEY HAVE NOT WALED IN MY SHOES, THEY HAVE NOT SAT IN A CLASSROOM AND FELT ALONE BECAUSE NOONE ELSE IN THE CLASSROOM LOOKED LIKE ME. But yet they get more privelege then me because they was born white. Many say white people are better than black people and do you know what i say to that...
Why are they better than me people lived in africa and becuase enviormental purpose people began to flee and when they did so the skin color was not as dark becuase they was lacking SUN. Thats how they became the skin color white. I have always asked myself this question, WHO EVER IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SAID WHITE WAS RIGHT AND BLACK WAS WRONG? When technically all humans are black. People do not understand the feeling of being black and walking into a classroom and there is not one person that looks like you unless you are an miniority. tim wise expressed how he did not even have to try out to be the led player in a Romeo and Juliet he just walked into auditions and told his teacher he wanted the part and nect thing he was named the person to play romeo and juliet. All while a black student had to try out memorize lines and still did not get the part all because the color of their skin. Thats why now when i notice White Privilege i do not hold my toungue for nothing.




Johnson What Can We Do

Johnson argues that "removing what silences them and stands in their way can tap an enormous potential of energy for change." In my opinion and actually the meaning behind this arguement is that the poeple who feel "non existent" in the world need to become more "EXISTENT" because their voice will make a difference and will allow them to have the same privelege as people who are existent such as the white women and men.
One qoute that i found extremely powerful throughtout this article was:
"Difference takes many forms, but the most important are those characteristics that are difficult or impossibleto change and that other people think they can identify just by looking at someone."
The reason why i chose this qoute was because people identify with other people based upon the color of their skin and not by their personality. This is very upsetting because that means people of color only receive the same view point of those of color and the same idea of white people. The idea should be that people should interact with other people so they can recieve a diferrent point of view. change comes with the fact that people are willing to go out and recieve other peoples opinion and respect it. With that change people will not only identify with people by just looking at them. Example when ever me and my two white friends walk into the cafeteria at school people look at us becuase we will sit on the "miniority side" but yet they are not people of color. Im not going to lie i tend to this as well because i sit with the people that i identify with and i do not try to go and socialize with people who do not look like me. But that is a change that i am willing to make.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Citizenship in School

As i read this article i was astonished. I am not going to lie i had to read this over and over because so many parts of this relates to me. First Kliewer argues that all humans have to get a long we are all human no matter how we may look or act. I agree and i can relate this to Martin Luther King theory "all men are created equal" and that is a proven fact. Humans should not treat people no different becuase the way the look. I feel as though people should treat people the way the would want to be treated. Throughout reading this entire article the one quote i found extremely important and the qoute that made me realize what this whole article was about was
"Colleen Madison agreed with Shayne that no child was inherently an intellectual burden to a classroom; in fact, she argued, each student contributed a unique and potential valuable dimension to the web of relationships that formed a school community."
The reason why i said this qoute was beyond the best qoute she could have ever used was because if the school first teaches the students to accept everyone for how they look and how the act, we will have a world full of peace. If people do not interact with others then they limit theirselves of learning about other people and maybe the personal background. If people of different colors and abilities work together within a work field it would make the work place easier and productive because all employees will be able to communicate with each other.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anyon and Oakes

First i would like to say... Thankyou to all my classmates and Dr. Bogad becuase i was really amazed and disappointed in myself that i did not take this paper that was handed out in class as an insult. Im not going to lie i felt as though the paper that was handed out was a better way for students to really understand and grasp the concept of the material. Even attending Times 2 i thought this way was a better why in helping students because in my science class we did alot of didos but in my english class it was totally different always essays, group discussion, and short essays. experiencing this made me realize how different lower class people are treated with all aspect in life. From work to education, to staus in life. After reading both of these articles i was just shocked. I can not believe that society does this. I strongly believe that no matter what class status, disability, color of your skin, where you live everyone SHOULD RECEIVE THE SAME EDUCATION. The reason why i state this is because no matter what you do education is essential to life. If society goes about teaching kids based upon everything except their age then we teach the kids to grow up with an easy life. For example Anyon states that the executive elite schools is called that because their fathers were top executives. now when i read this i sat and thought to myself. Does that make sense? The answer i came up with was NO. Because if fathers of them students get the best treatment then what happens to the other students NOTHING and once again that is another generation that grows up in the idea of higher class is the best. Doing this workheet and didos only allow the students to retain the information and tell the teacher what he or she wants to hear. Throughout the 2 articles the main point that i received from this was that THERE IS NO INFORMATION THAT IS BEING TAUGHT. THE ONLY THING HERE IS RECALL/SEARCHING.

I am upset because many Providence Public schools are the ones who suffer the most and in my eyes it is truely unfair regardless if their parents can not do not have alot of money. Executives fathers should donate money to public schools to help educate the less fortunate students.